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The brand new Ford Mustang Collection has arrived!

Irrepressible, laid-back, sexy and stylish – the brand new articles from the Ford Mustang Collection are as breath taking as the automobile icon itself and they will be available for sale on time for the Paris Motor Show on the 4th of October in the web shop at www.fordlifestylecollection.com The articles include exciting designs which will attract a lot of attention and convey the wild spirit of the Ford Mustang. The range is anything but small – but who wants limits? The collection includes everything from gummi bears or rather gummi ponies and gummy cars, small metal pins, top quality textiles including a leather jacket in the legendary biker style, eye-catching shirts with an allover print, a cool hooded sweatshirt as well as caps and T-shirts in every imaginable colour and design and even a spectacular umbrella with a Mustang printed in the “sky” - practically nothing is missing from this collection whether classical promotional gifts, event outfits for the staff, collectors’ items or gifts for fans and kids. Mustang fans are known to be freedom loving and their hearts will definitely be beating faster with this collection! The highlights include true to scale model cars, stylish and high-performance headphones in various colours, a pedal car in the original bright yellow launch paintwork and a real pinball machine which will get all the Mustang fans gasping for breath. Of course the collection includes the Mustang, beautifully shaped, hand-made jumbo coffee mugs, espresso cups, classics like key rings or iPhone cases, a large selection of calendars for the launch year in 2015, a puzzle, sunglasses, watches, USB flash drives and, and and… Even sneakers and cardigans are available from cyber-Wear upon demand for special events. Those of you who are already champing at the bit can have a little foretaste: it is worth having a look at www.fordlifestylecollection.com also before the 4th of October as the articles are being put in the FLC shop step-by-step and some of them may be pre-ordered! Champ at the bit…

Making Of

Extensive Photo Production for Ford

A 3 day photo shoot was taken for the Ford Lifestyle Collection’s official catalogue cyber-Wear has furthermore fully proved their expertise as an advertising agency with the most complex catalogue production for a customer to date: light, models, make-up, an experienced photographer and all of the articles from the Ford Lifestyle Collection as well as six Ford vehicles, as special guest stars, took part in a large film and photo shoot at a specialized vehicle photo studio in Cologne in January. The merchandising articles including the professional models and genuine vehicles, including a Ford T model which was specially borrowed from the Ford museum, a Mustang, a Kuga and a Tourneo were put in the limelight for 3 days by a renowned photographer. At the same time a video was recorded and finally various making-of clips were cut out of the collected film material as cyber-Wear also supervises the social media services of the Ford Lifestyle Collection. 16 people including models were involved so that an optimal presentation of the fan collection was guaranteed. Finally the official catalogue for the Ford Lifestyle Collection 2015 was produced with the best shots – also in-house – and distributed to all the Ford dealers in over 82 countries. You can find the making-of videos including impressions of the photo production on the YouTube web site of the Ford Lifestyle Collection: www.youtube.com/user/FordLifestyleCollect